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The One Tool That Magnetically Draws Customers To You

How do you get people calling you up on the phone, visiting your website, emailing you, and saying; “I know you’re expensive and that’s okay, just let me buy – please!”

The One Tool That Magnetically Draws Customers To You

Simple: Write a book. What do we say about an expert? “She’s the one that wrote the book.” So what happens when YOU write the book?

You’re no longer chasing customers, they’re chasing you. The better your book sells, the more customers will be chasing you, too.

Doors magically open. Suddenly other marketers want to do JV’s with you. Radio shows want to interview you. Other websites feature you. Groups ask you to come and speak to them. And best of all, clients seek you out.

Think your niche isn’t book worthy? Surprisingly, there is a book to be written in nearly every niche.

Do you install swimming pools? Write the book on how to get a great pool at an affordable price without the contractor nightmares. You sell handbags on the Internet? Get creative and write stories about how your handbags saved the day for their owners – perhaps as they slogged their way through the jungle while avoiding angry natives and poisonous snakes. You help people with SEO? Write the book on do-it-yourself SEO.

You’re only limited by your imagination and creativity. And for any portion of your topic that you’re not an expert on, you can get help. Just Google it and begin your research.

Get busy, write your book, and stop chasing customers around… Instead, let them beat a path to your door by writing a book that positions you as the expert in your field.

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