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20 Proven Ways To Get People Watching and Recommending Your YouTube Videos

Publishing YouTube videos can be a great way to build your brand and bring more interested visitors to your website and offers. Follow these tips to get the most bang for your video buck!


1. Create tutorial videos. These kinds of videos are good because they’re easy to make and they provide information that people need. For example, if you’re promoting a course on how to drive traffic, then talk about traffic driving methods. Impart real info, not a sales pitch. And at the end of the video, remind the viewer to click the link below for more information.

2. Don’t narrow your target market too much. For example, if you’re teaching people how to drive traffic, don’t make it, “How to drive traffic to an origami website.” Yes, you’ll get views from people with origami sites, but no one else.

3. Don’t sweat the subscribers too much. It’s great to have some loyal subscribers because every time you post a video some of them will almost immediately watch and comment on the video. This gets you boosted higher in the rankings and thus more easy to find by new people who have never heard of you. They’ll leave comments, pushing you still higher in the rankings and making it even easier for people to find you. It’s your subscribers that start the ball rolling, but it’s commenters (subscribers and non-subscribers alike) who push you higher and higher in the rankings and thus get you more viewers. So while you eventually want tons of subscribers, know that even a few at the beginning will get the ball rolling.

4. Use your best keyword(s) in your video’s title. Think about what a person would search for if they needed the information found in the product you’re promoting. For example, back to our traffic product, they would probably type in something like, “How to get more traffic to my website.” Do some research on this and find the best keyword phrase(s) to use so that you can get found.

5. Place all of your best keywords in your tag section. Your very best keyword(s) go in your title, but you don’t want to over load it. Instead, place all of your other good and great keywords (including the ones in your title) into the tags section. How do you find your best keywords? One way is to find the most viewed videos in your specific niche and then use the keywords that repeatedly show up in these top videos.

6. Collaborate. When you make a video with someone, you get your viewers and THEIR viewers watching the video. Collaborate with 10 different people on 10 different videos, and now you’ve got 10 new audiences viewing your videos and possibly buying your product. This works especially well if you are promoting your own product, since you can then give a commission to the person you’re collaborating with and build your list of buyers. Plus this is a great way to build relationships with other marketers who might refer people to your videos in the future even when you’re not collaborating with them.

7. Start discussions. Ask questions in your video that gets people commenting. For example, asking for advice on a problem or something that stirs a bit of controversy can go a long way to getting comments, and of course the more comments you get, the higher you can rank on the most discussed list.

8. Encourage video responses. A video response is like a comment on steroids – it’s a video someone makes in direct response to your video. Their subscribers then watch your video to understand what the video response is all about This gives you an entirely new audience watching your video and perhaps clicking your link or viewing more of your videos or even subscribing.

9. BE a video response. After you make your YouTube video, search for other videos that are somehow similar. In other words, what would you search for to find your video? And when you make that search, what other videos come up? Now go to the first video, and if it’s appropriate in content and has a lot of viewer activity, submit your video as a video response to that video.

10. .Don’t hate on the haters. You’re going to get hate comments because, well, you just will. There are folks out there who are looking for things to hate, and sooner or later it will be you. Three things you should know: First, a hate comment is actually a compliment. Something you said or did had an impact on them, or they would have simply clicked away with no comment at all. So take it as a good thing. Second, do not respond. At all. Simply ignore the hate comments and go on with making your videos. If you get bogged down by the haters and the trolls, then you won’t be in the right frame of mind to continue making great videos. Third, once you put anything online, it’s in cyberspace forever. Your negative responses to negative comments can come back to bite you time and time again, so just don’t do it.

11. Post consistently. Why do television shows work? Because people get hooked into watching week after week. YouTube is no different. If you’re posting at least once a week, people become accustomed to watching you. If you only post every few weeks or months, people forget who you are and why they might even be interested in what you have to say. That said, don’t go overboard in the other direction. For example, don’t post several videos a day – that’s tantamount to spam, even if you do have great information to impart.

12. Be addictive. Again, it’s the television series thing. People continue to watch a series because they’re addicted. Maybe they love the characters, or enjoy the suspense, or are bowled over by the crazy plot lines. Find a hook that grabs your viewers and makes them continue to come back for more.

13. Leave them hanging. Television shows often end their season with a cliffhanger to get viewers back at the start of the new season. And some television shows even place a cliffhanger at the end of every episode to ensure viewers are back the next week. You can do the same thing. For example, try doing a series of videos on a topic, and at the end of each video leave them with a cliffhanger. You might ask a provocative question but not give them the answer until the next video. Or give them a teaser of what they will discover next time (think bullet points.) whatever you need to do to ensure they come back for more will increase your viewer loyalty.

14. Comment. Find videos in your niche and comment. Always be positive and diplomatic, and when appropriate mention that you’ve also covered “____” in a video recently. That’s it. If people are interested, they will click on your name and find your video. Don’t be blatant about it or you’re spamming. Sure you’re walking a fine line, just be sure you’re always on the right side of that line. And don’t view comments as just a way to promote your stuff – you’re also looking to engage people and build relationships.

15. Respond. When someone posts a positive comment or a question on your video, by all means respond if you want to. Again, you’re building relationships, this time with your viewers.

16. Use visuals. Got a goofy hat? A crazy poster on your wall? An over the top t-shirt? Wear something interesting, put something else interesting in the background, and here’s what will happen – you’ll get comments just about these things. Sure, it has nothing to do with your topic, but comments help boost you in the rankings. Plus it gives viewers something else to engage them and focus their attention.

17. Post when your prime viewers are watching. Are most of your viewers in the U.S.? Then you might want to post around 6 pm EST, not 2 am. Do most of your views come on weeknights? Week ends? 9 am on workdays? Then post accordingly.

18. Have fun and be fearless. The more fun you have making your videos, the more enjoyable your videos will be to watch. And whatever you do, don’t fear what people think or say. If you’re busy worrying that you’re too dorky, not pretty enough, not smart enough, etc. then you won’t be having fun and you probably won’t have the courage to post your work. Instead, just forget about it and do your own thing. People respond to genuine people who aren’t putting on airs or trying to come across as something they’re not.

19. Don’t stop posting videos. Sure, your first videos might not be exactly what you want. Maybe you stammered, or maybe the lighting wasn’t perfect, or maybe some jerk posted a hateful comment. So what? Be determined to keep on posting and you’ll find that you get better and better, and the haters matter less and less.

20. Promote. Put your video link on Facebook, Twitter and any other social networks you’re on. Place it in your emails and on your website. If you’re active on forums in your niche, let people know you’ve got a new video. If you’re not active on forums in your niche, GET ACTIVE. Sure this is basic, yet people forget to do it. And don’t POST your video elsewhere – you want everyone to actually come to YouTube to see your video so that it shows up in the number of views you receive.

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